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IssueDecember 2003 - February 2004
Feature by Reuben Easey
    • Anti-racism
      Accessed via the website of UNITED, a network of 550 European antiracist groups, this online guide contains a few detailed paragraphs on several aspects of working with the media, from drafting a press release to establishing your own magazine or radio station. Much of the information is relevant to other kinds of campaign groups. Also available in leaflet form, and in several different European languages.
      Contact: UNITED for Intercultural Action, Postbus 413, NL-1000 AK Amsterdam, Netherlands (+31 20 683 4778; fax 683 4582; email; )

    • Middle East
      Part of the Middle East Activist website. Consists mainly of articles and links, as well as general analyses of US policy towards Israel and Palestine. Little in the way of practical info, apart from some advice on writing letters to newspapers.

    • Wind power
      Comprehensive guide containing indepth practical advice on various means of interacting with local media, eg radio interviews, press releases etc. Also available in printable pdf format.

    • Exploiting the media An Activist's guide to exploiting the media by George Monbiot. Typically impassioned user's guide to the mainstream media, recommending a more media-savvy approach to protest. Primarily of use to those involved in direct actions.

Media monitoring projects

  • “Too much television!”
    Site devoted to the pernicious effects of TV...research articles covering the effects of TV violence and the psychological consequences of watching television, plus the occasional luddite rant.

  • Women and media
    Website of Women and media for social change, viewable in English, French or Spanish. A comprehensive, academically-focused examination of the image of women appearing in the media in all major regions of the globe.

  • Women journalists
    A site run by a group of women journalists from Nepal - the only such organisation in the country - aiming to highlight and promote the empowerment of women through positive images in the media. They also publish numerous books and pamphlets, available to purchase through the website.

  • South Africa
    Media monitoring project, established to monitor the South African media in the interests of a free, independent and critical media culture.

  • Impress the press
    Media Alliance guide to building your own media monitoring project.

  • FAIR
    Fairness and Accuarcy in Reporting, US media watch group.

  • SchNEWS DIY guides
    Topics include how to set up a newsletter, anonymity and security on the web.

  • Ruckus guide
    14-page manual published by the Ruckus Society, focusing primarily on mainstream US and European media conglomerates. Useful information on bringing direct action to the attention of the media, and how to deal with cynical journalists.

  • Spin
    A website dedicated to providing media training to grassroots and community organisations. Includes numerous on-line tutorials, on topics such as establishing relationships with journalists, or arranging photo-shoots. All in downloadable pdf format, though guidebooks also available to buy.

  • Media trust guides
    Association dedicated to assisting charities in all aspects of their relationship with the media. Website contains detailed on-line guides, including tips on web design and low-cost printing.

  • Environmental
    Lively and well-presented look at how to get the newspapers and television stations interested in your cause. A pdf version of Friends of the Earth's regular group newsletter. Also available in hard copy. Call Friends of the Earth switchboard on +44 20 7490 1555, or see .

  • Peace Journalism
    Excellent 50-page manual (English and French versions) in pdf format from Reporting the World.

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