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Triple trouble

The latest Nuclear Resister records anti-drone action across the US.

On 25 September, seven members of Upstate Drone Action were arrested at Hancock air force base in New York state. Hancock operates MQ-9 Reaper armed drones overseas.

Dan Burgevin, Ed Kinane, Rae Kramer, Harry Murray, Julienne Oldfield, Mark Scibilia-Carver and Ann Tiffany were delivering a citizens’ war crime indictment when arrested.

Upstate Drone Action also blocked the main gate with a six-foot-high dollar sign dripping with ‘blood’ symbolising the corporate greed behind drone warfare.

Two women were arrested during a blockade of Creech air force base, Nevada, during the Codepink Drone Resistance Week (5–12 October). Creech operates 130 drones including MQ-9 Reapers and RQ-170 Sentinel reconnaissance drones.

About a dozen campaigners took part in a ‘celebration wedding circle dance’ in the main entrance way on 6 October, followed by the die-in. Only JoAnn Lingle and Toby Blomé remained in the road to be arrested and detained for 10 hours.

Toby Blomé was also arrested blocking a gate at Beale air force base in California a few days later, on 17 October. Beale is the home of Global Hawk drones, used to track targets for assassination.


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