Features in issue 2572-2573

Going to the source

by Sue Smith, Denise Drake

An ongoing Quaker initiative to trace the roots of activist nonviolence training in the UK

Alice Wheeldon was a prophet

by Emily Johns, Gabriel Carlyle

Another story-poster from PN's 'The World is My Country' project

Why do we have peace studies?

by Rachel Julian

Exploring the relationship between peace studies and the peace movement: some thoughts to be discussed at PN Summer Camp

War is not part and parcel of human nature

by Douglas P Fry

Powerful findings from several decades of Peace Anthropology

First peoples

by Gabriel Carlyle

Weapons, but no war, at the Natural History Museum's pre-history exhibition

The power of legacies

by PN staff

Causes and codicils

Behind the Iraqi crisis: the crushing of the nonviolent Sunni uprising

by Milan Rai

Milan Rai recovers the hidden background to the current crisis

A summer of peace

by PN staff

First World War centenary key theme at this year's Camp

Centuries spent in West Philly

by Milan Rai

Training for Change’s powerful three-week ‘Super-T’ training for trainers

What is BASIC thinking?

by Paul Ingram

Exploring the reasoning behind the Trident Commission, and the benefits of the commission’s report