Features in issue 2558

‘He gave his life for the land’

by Jessica Davies

Assassination of indigenous activist Juan Vázquez Guzmán in Mexico

Faim pour la paix – à côté de la Tour Eiffel

by Marc Morgan

British participants invited to join a fast for Hiroshima – in Paris

From the heart of the Arab Spring

by Milan Rai

Peace News Summer Camp is ‘taking a lead from the Global South’

Transform Now Plowshares three: put US nuclearism on trial

by TNP Support Group

Breach of security focuses attention on Y-12 military uranium enrichment plant

Defying without defiance

by George Lakey

Morning-after reflections on a Quaker action against mountaintop removal

Climate chaos, climate action

by Emily Johns, Milan Rai

Action against human-caused climate change became more urgent on 9 May when the world passed through a symbolic barrier.