GM fears revived

IssueOctober 2012
News by PN staff

Rats fed a popular strain of genetically-engineered corn for two years developed large tumours and died earlier than rats in a control group. This is the conclusion of a paper by a French university research group published in a peer-reviewed journal in mid-September.

The maize in question is genetically-modified (GM) to withstand spraying with Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller. The rats were divided into groups; one fed the GM corn; another fed with GM corn sprayed with Roundup; a third given water with varying doses of Roundup in it; and a control group.

No English-language report of the research seems to have referred to the Pusztai affair.

In 1998, respected Hungarian biochemist Árpád Pusztai found that rats fed a strain of GM potato suffered damage to their intestines and immune systems.

Like the latest research, Pusztai’s work was criticised on methodological grounds. Pusztai called for his feeding trial to be repeated by others – this has not been done, to our knowledge. It remains to be seen whether the latest experiment will be repeated by others.

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