Drone campaign news

IssueOctober 2012
News by Gabriel Carlyle

The Drone Campaign Network has launched a ‘Lift the Veil’ petition, aiming to collect 20,000 signatures calling for an end to the secrecy surrounding the use of British drones in Afghanistan. UK forces are known to have carried out around 300 drone strikes in Afghanistan since 2008. Former director of public prosecutions Ken Macdonald says there is ‘pretty compelling evidence’ that UK intelligence has supplied information used in US drone strikes in Pakistan.

On 14 September, over 1,000 people demonstrated in Bradford in a Bradford Global Justice Movement demo against the US drone strikes in Pakistan. The rally was addressed remotely by Pakistani politician Imran Khan, who has led anti-drone protests in Pakistan.

Newcastle-based activist and film-maker Carol Grayson is participating in a peace march led by Khan, due to arrive in Waziristan on 7 October.