Comments in issue 2544

Stop Wylfa B demo

by PN

Anti-nuclear action in Wales

Edinburgh Campaign Against Poverty action

by PN

On the national day of action against workfare

Prison... for painting

by PN

On 19 March, Barbara Dowling was given a three-month sentence for painting ‘political graffiti’ on the internal walls of Dunbarton sheriff court in 2010.

Coalition launches lobby for Welsh language communities

by The Welsh Language Society

The launch of a new alliance for Welsh language communities

Not one stone, not one flower

by PN

Wales-based peace activist and Nobel peace prize nominee Angie Zelter is among those who have been arrested in ongoing protests against the building of a new naval base on Jeju Island in South Korea.


by PN

A festival of events is to be held in Wales from 11-28 April to highlight the case of Bradley Manning and the issues it raises.

Bahrain continues to rise

by John M Lindsay

Despite a widespread security clampdown (see PN 2543) around the anniversary of last year’s 14 February nonviolent uprising, Bahrainis continue to struggle for democracy with demonstrations and an open-ended hunger strike.

Ash Wednesday marked in London and Liverpool

by David Polden

Blessed ash and charcoal were used to mark the walls of the ministry of defence (MoD) in Whitehall, London, on 22 February.