We'moon on the Wall 2002 Calendar

IssueDecember 2001 - February 2002
Review by Melanie Jarman

We'moon on the Wall is a full colour, beautifully illustrated, month at a glance lunar calendar. With “Priestessing the Earth” as its theme, the 2002 version celebrates the work that women are doing all over the world to heal and tend the Earth, to empower women, and to make the world a safer place.

This focus on women's activity draws together the calendar’s poetry and exquisite pictures – the burst of gold that heralds July's “Sun Priestess”; the dynamism of March's “Amazon Warriors of the Bronze Age”; the power in the flow of November's “Move the River”.

“We'moon” means “we of the moon” and defines women by our primary relation to the natural source of flow, rather than primarily in relation to men. The calendar refers to the moon, whose cycles run in our blood, as the original women's calendar. Thus “We'moon on the Wall” details the moon phases for each day, notes eclipses, shows the cycles of the moon, sun, planets and stars as they relate to earth, and has a handy explanation of astrological terms at the back.

In suggesting that we record our own activities side by side with the records of heavenly bodies (the moon phase illustrations) so that we may notice what connection there is for us, the calendar’s creators leave generous amounts of space under each date for those less prosaic dental appointments and work commitments.

We'moon on the Wall is more than just a cosmic wall hanging - it manages to be attractive yet practical, informative yet accessible, a multi-faceted gem - and all this in a wall calendar.

Topics: Women
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