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Brian Burch (ed), 'Resources for Radicals'

3rd Edition, July 2001. ISBN 1492 4234, 114 pp, A4 spiral bound

This is a very useful work, which includes a 76-page bibliography that might well be described as an essential reading list for radicals.

The most useful part of this publication is devoted to directory of radical periodicals, which provides not just contact details, but also descriptions of what political issues they cover. However, these are mostly Canadian, US and British periodicals.

Many of them will already be well known amongst North American activists. For example: Adbusters, Nonviolent Activist and The Nuclear Resister. Though many of them are new to me, or are perhaps only well know within Canada. For example: This Magazine, or Humanist in Canada. The work also has a page listing “other print resources” (such as mail diaries and catalogue information), plus a title index. While this could never be described as the definitive bibliographical tool, it is none the less a very useful one indeed.

Resources for Radicals is produced by Toronto Action for Social Change, PO Box 73620, 509 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2H7, Canada (email tasc@web.ca).