US supports negotiated peace

IssueOctober - November 2022
News by PN staff
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Most people in the US support their government pursuing diplomatic negotiations as soon as possible to end the war in Ukraine, ‘even if it means Ukraine making some compromises with Russia’ (see graphic above).

When Data for Progress asked the question in a slightly different way, an even larger majority of likely voters (61 percent) favoured ending the war through diplomacy, making compromises but preserving Ukrainian independence. Only 25 percent of people preferred ‘extending the war for as long as it take to try to fully defeat Russia’ and to punish it for its aggression.

Cost of living

If it leads to higher petrol prices and higher prices for goods in the US, a majority of people in the Data for Progress survey (58 percent) said they would oppose the US continuing to give aid to Ukraine at current levels.

A related YouGov poll in the UK, also in mid-September, found that 42 percent of people said they would oppose keeping current sanctions on Russia if they led to increased energy prices – against 40 percent who would support keeping them on in those circumstances.