Features in issue 2662

Revealing war crimes is not a crime

by Don't Extradite Assange

Julian Assange must not be extradited from the UK

We draw from the same spring

by Milan Rai

A tribute to Barbara Ehrenreich (26 August 1941 – 1 September 2022)

Petition the EU to protect Russian and Ukrainian conscientious objectors

by John Cooper

'Rights of those opposed to war should not be discarded once the bombs start falling'

Over 2,400 arrests in Russia

by PN staff

New call-up prompts mass protests

Peace agenda for Ukraine and the world

by Ukrainian Pacifist Movement against the perpetuation of war

A statement of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement

Peace proposals for Ukraine


From Minsk II to the Vatican working group

Ukraine: do not give up on peace

by Diana Francis, Andrew Rigby

A negotiated end to the war in Ukraine is an urgent necessity, argue Diana Francis and Andrew Rigby

Nation 148

by Janet Fenton

A democratic argument for Scotland to be independent and free of nuclear weapons

Four out of five people oppose nuclear First Use

by Milan Rai

Did you know that First Use is government policy?

A tour of France

by Marc Morgan

A guide to peace groups across the Channel