Features in issue 2652 - 2653

Blood for oil

by Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly reflects on the 1991 Gulf War and its legacy

Will there also be singing?

by Penny Stone, Lotte Reimer, Kelvin Mason

How have activist choirs risen to the challenge of COVID-19?

Ballad for Americans

by Sharon Rudahl, Gabriel Carlyle

Pages from Sharon Rudahl’s Ballad of an American: A Graphic Biography of Paul Robeson (Rutgers University Press, 2020; 124pp; £15.95)

Seeking asylum is legal

by Cameron Boyle

Has the pandemic changed the media’s approach to immigration?

What’s the hurry with Britain’s new nuclear warhead?


The US has accelerated funding of its warhead plans

Demilitarise the census

by PN staff

It’s being processed by an arms company... again!

Black Lives Matter UK

by Adam Eliott-Cooper, Milan Rai

An interview with Adam Elliott-Cooper, a co-founder of one of Britain’s leading anti-racist groups

Towards fossil fuel disarmament

by Andrew Simms, Peter Newell

Creating a new level of climate activism

Free the vaccine

by Milan Rai

Let’s stop more lethal, vaccine-resistant COVID-19 variants developing anywhere