Comments in issue 2622 - 2623

Friendship, poetry and Freedom from Torture

by Rachel Mann

Aberystwyth anti-torture fundraiser packed

Welsh language rights for refugees

by PN

Campaigners demand free language lessons for migrants

100% renewables can deliver

by Paul Allen

New report showcases projects from across the globe

Greenham march 35 years on

by Lotte Reimer

Cardiff event marks peace camp anniversary

Yemen: Britain helps kill a generation of children

by Milan Rai

Famine risk from British-backed attack on Yemeni port

Biking to the Netherlands: Code Rood

by Mathilde Griffin

Activists blockade Europe's largest gas field

Nae Nukes

by David MacKenzie

Blockade celebrates global campaign against nuclear weapons

One year in prison for Italian direct actionist

by David Polden

Anti-drones action caused £500,000 damage

Palestinians resist

by David Polden

Over 130 killed and 20,000 injured in ongoing protests

Hiroshima-Nagasaki fasts

by David Polden

Anti-nuke actions span seven countries