Features in issue 2586-2587

What a champ camp!

by Summer Camp folk

A look back at PN Summer Camp 2015

A Syrian refugee’s story

by Majdy Al-Kassem

A refugee threatened with deportation tells his story

Reflections on the refugee crisis by a refugee

by Almamy Taal, PN staff

An African human rights activist gives his thoughts

Germany gets tougher on migrants?

by PN staff

PN surveys a mixed picture

What we can do


PN's suggestions for practical solidarity with refugees

Pogrom / Rubicon

by Emily Johns

A family story of loss and arrival

A new wave of affection

by Love Activists

A network of direct actionists comes out of Occupy

It’s time we valued our digital freedom

by Benjamin

Free Software has come of age

Learning to ride the bicycle of nonviolence

by Stellen Vinthagen

Nonviolence isn't just the absence of violence, argues Stellen Vinthagen

Facing up to classism can help build stronger groups and stronger movements

by Milan Rai, Betsy Leondar-Wright

The first part of an interview with author, trainer and activist Betsy Leondar-Wright