Issue: 2672

June - July 2024


Top Stories

Arms factories now ‘prohibited places’

by Netpol

The government is trying to intimidate anti-militarists into ending their campaigns

Vote for Gaza

by Milan Rai

Doesn’t support an immediate permanent ceasefire? Don’t vote for them

Israel refuses to take ‘yes’ for an answer

by Milan Rai

How the Gaza ceasefire negotiations broke down

Corporate and financial capture of the state, not peaceful protest, is the real threat to democracy argues Milan Rai


Free Assange!

by PN staff

Court grants whistleblower further appeal

The Solvay Three stand up for Palestine

by PN staff

'The most moving speech I have ever heard in this courtroom'

Israelis protect aid to Gaza

by PN staff

Jewish-Arab peace group form 'humanitarian guard'

Intense Palestine Action

by PN staff

Group force closure of factory owned by Elbit Systems

How can the UK help?

by Ian Sinclair

New report on getting 'the world back on a path to nuclear disarmament'

Students for Gaza

by PN staff

Encampments at over 130 US universities and beyond

Gaza solidarity flotillas

by PN staff

Ships attempting to break siege


Why not holiday at Lakenheath Action Camp!

by PN staff

Anti-nuke protest, 13 - 25 July

Surround the White House

by PN staff

Peace group pays for bus stop ads

We’ve raised over £13,000 for Gaza

by PN staff

Anti-war badges prove popular at demos

‘Blood on your hands’ trial

by PN staff

Christian peace activists found guility over Gaza protest

Sew Their Names

by PN staff

Memorial banner to be displayed in Venice

Burning defiance

by PN staff

Ukrainian pacifist sets fire to draft card on international CO day

Grieving for Gaza

by PN staff

Group takes 'living pictures' of Palestinian pain to London

Yemen peace process limps along

by PN staff

Prisoners released, UK arms sales continue

Pacifists pledge to resist ‘national service’

by PN staff

Groups condemn attempt 'to whip up everyday militarism and nationalist fervour'

Climate action

by PN staff

GP suspended for five months over climate action


From a Gaza encampment

by PN, Anonymous

Pro-Palestine activists in Scotland have taken a stand outside Holyrood

Lord Walney’s anti-democratic threats

by Milan Rai

More threats to squash protest – from a former Labour MP

What to do? The 2024 general election

by PN staff

Responses from different parts of the activist movements

Demilitarising France

by Marc Morgan, Alain Refalo

An interview with a leading figure in the French peace movement

Heddwch ar Waith

by Sam Bannon

Creating an ambitious new peace network

Sarah Guthrie: A PN retrospective

by SEG

A tribute to PN's late cartoonist, Sarah Guthrie


PN's future: join the conversation!

by PN staff

An invitation to submit your ideas

Churchill and Hiroshima: a new Peace News briefing

by PN staff

Order your copies now!

Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Reduce, reuse, recycle?

What else

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

General election? I'll see you on the doorsteps ...

Diary: 'My nemesis'

by Cath

'We're becoming a social hub'

In the cracks between

by Virginia Moffatt

The many worlds of Ursula le Guin

Radical Music: 'One-two-shoot'

by Penny Stone

'There are songs that beat the drums of war'

Obituary: Sarah Guthrie: 5 September 1942 - 14 July 2023

by Joanna Guthrie

Cartoonist and peace campaigner with a keen sense of the absurd

Obituary: Anne Randle: 7 August 1941 - 30 October 2023

by Mo Moseley

Long-time peace campaigner who helped George Blake escape from Wormwood Scrubs

People power in El Salvador

by Devere Allen

Looking back at the 15 June 1945 issue of PN, we discovered this little gem on p3

Cartoons etc

Pop up by Anon

Wall space by Judy Chicago

Corporate and financial capture of the state, not peaceful protest, is the real threat to democracy argues Milan Rai

When it comes to not increasing military spending, a large section of the public is open to persuasion

The best laid plans ...

US resistance
Negotiate Now
‘Stop arming Israel’
Boycotts okay!
Unfree speech