‘Blood on your hands’ trial

IssueJune - July 2024
Virginia Moffat (third from left) and Chris Cole (third from right) with supporters outside City of London magistrates court, 25 April. Photo: PN
News by PN staff

On 25 April, Chris Cole and Virginia Moffat went on trial at City of London magistrates court as a result of their action on 29 December at Downing Street protesting against the UK government for being ‘complicit with this slaughter’ in Gaza (PN 2670). They had poured red poster paint on the gates and made bloody handprints, and read the names of children killed by Israel and Hamas.

The two Christian peace activists were found guilty of criminal damage despite making legal as well as moral arguments (details on the PN blog).

Between them, the married couple were ordered to pay fines, costs and compensation totalling £1,683.68. The Downing Street security manager gave evidence that they had caused only £139.68 of damage.