Rebecca Elson Watkins referred in PN 2671 (p18) to the NHS ceasing to prescribe puberty blockers to gender non-conforming children because there is insufficient evidence to prove that they are safe.

She called this ‘Bull. Shit.’ And then went on to say that they have been in use since the 1980s and that there are ‘armfuls of research showing the benefits of this treatment’.

I have to disagree. The evidence for the long-term effects of puberty blockers is insufficient to determine whether they are safe or not. And the whole issue of medical treatment for gender non-conforming children is one that is hotly contested. While some children may benefit others will suffer harm.

Many young people who have been subject to medical treatment for gender non-conformity have later regretted their decision to transition and some have spoken publicly about this.

These detransitioners, such as Keira Bell and Ritchie Herron, need to be heard. I recommend the Swedish documentary The Trans Train for more information on this subject.

The polarised ‘Gender Wars’ need objective and careful debate. The report by Dr Hilary Cass is a step in that direction, for the well being of all concerned.




Dr Clifford Williams