Issue: 2530

February 2011


By Milan Rai, Emily Johns


By Gabriel Carlyle

Barack Obama should “sanction and support a direct dialogue with the Afghan Taliban leadership residing in Pakistan”, according to an open letter to the US President signed by over fifty experts on Afghanistan.

By PN staff

Careful investigation by environmental activists has uncovered the identities of three long-term police infiltrators, one of whom advocated violence.

By PN staff

On 19 January, Christian peace activist Chris Cole was sentenced to 30 days imprisonment by Westminster central magistrates court for non-payment of a fine following a protest at the DSEi arms fair in September 2009.

By Lauren Mateer

On Monday 24 January, 35 women and men blockaded the metropolitan police’s headquarters at New Scotland Yard, London in response to revelations of infiltration of activist movements by undercover police officers.

By Milan Rai

Iran’s nuclear industry damaged by Stuxnet virus

By Kelvin Mason

A look at cuts protests in Wales

By Janet Fenton

In December a delegation to the Scottish Parliament met Bruce Crawford, minister for Parliamentary Business in the Scottish Government, to hand in an open letter to the first minister.

By Brian Larkin

In early December, members of Trident Ploughshares, Helensburgh CND and the Faslane Peace Camp braved freezing temperatures to hold a vigil at the gates of Faslane Naval Base in solidarity with the five members of the Disarm Now Plowshares group o

By Oli

Over the past couple of months THWAC (The Happendon Wood Action Camp) has been a hive of activity, with direct action and community resistance taking place all over the Douglas Valley in South Lanarkshire and beyond.

By Mike Ferner

Worldwide, voices of young people are challenging repressive systems

By Jonathan Stevenson

Two victories and a defeat

By Sareena Rai

Rai Ko Ris, a punk band from Nepal, toured Europe last autumn. Frontwoman Sareena Rai describes how the anarchist scene surprised her.

By Ian Sinclair, Michael Albert

PN interviews Michael Albert of Z Magazine on his model of anarchist economics.

By Jeff Cloves

The most memorable film I saw in 2010 – at the cinema or on TV – was Julien Temple’s visionary TV documentary Requiem for Detroit.

PN has permission to quote long-term anarchist organiser Ian Bone, a key figure in Class War in the 1980s: “I’ve never knowingly met a police spy, but we had loads of journalists trying to infiltrate Class War. They stood out a mile.