Women say no to police abuse

IssueFebruary 2011
News by Lauren Mateer

On Monday 24 January, 35 women and men blockaded the metropolitan police’s headquarters at New Scotland Yard, London in response to revelations of infiltration of activist movements by undercover police officers. The 8am demonstration was in support of women who have been exploited by undercover officers after it was revealed that some of these officers had had long-term sexual relationships with activists they were investigating.

Participants held placards with messages to those involved and called for an independent public inquiry into the allegations of sexual abuse. The protesters sat along one wall and in front of one of two doorways on the side of the building. Police officers around the building had little reaction to the protest except to initially ask the reason for the event. No arrests were made. Public reaction was similar—although a few passersby stopped to ask police officers or protesters what was happening, most walked past the demonstration without comment. The blockade lasted for an hour and a half, and ended with discussion of future demonstrations in support of the cause.

Topics: Police