Issue: 2459

March 2005



By Phil Thornhill

In a pre-emptive attack on the US, the Campaign Against Climate Change organised a march in London on 12 February to draw attention to the Kyoto protocol - which came into force on the 16th.

By The Mole

Regular Mole-istas will know that this column finds it hard to resist an opportunity to criticise once-Red Ken, Mayor of Greater London.

By Sian Glaessner

Working on the solid nonviolent principle that we should transform our enemies, PN brings you a slightly tongue-in-cheek column dedicated to getting to know our "enemies" better.

By David MacKenzie

Ever since I got into some warm water for including in a press release a quote which compared Trident to Auschwitz I have been alert to the potential danger of such comparisons.

By Andreas Speck, Simon Heywood

Taxes for war — it's not just a case of whether to pay or not. Andreas Speck and Simon Heywood debate the merits of campaign strategies for effecting changes in the law.

By Jesse Schust, Venus

O-I-L (One In Love) held its annual Valentine's Day action of collectively concentrating love and sending it out to the world.

By Gail Chester

I first got involved in women's liberation in 1970 and stayed very active for the next 20 years, including ten years as a member of the Feminism and Nonviolence Study Group.

By Milan Rai

The elections in Iraq have been an unprecedented opportunity for ordinary people to influence the destiny of their country, but the National Assembly they have elected is so hedged in with US imposed restrictions that the cabinet it produces will

By Donnachadh McCarthy

February's climate change protest march in London brought back my memories of the huge protest march to Hyde Park after the recent third western invasion of Iraq in under a century.

By Sarah Masters

In January, Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) participated in the Feminist Dialogues II and the World Social Forum 2005.

By Harry Mister

In 1936 I had the remarkable good fortune to be a youthful member of a local pacifist group which dreamt up and published the first Peace News.

By PN staff

On Saturday 5 February more than 250 peace activists and supporters crammed into Ramparts squatted social centre in east London to attend the party of the year ... the Peace News relaunch party!

By Albert Beale

A lengthy legal struggle by two campaigners has been vindicated with a final victory in the the European Court of Human Rights: on 15 February the ECHR ruled that the McLibel 2 - Helen Steel and Dave Morris - had been denied freedom of ex

By Giulia Gigliotti

The four anti-war activists who last November staged a series of die-ins to highlight the slaughter in Iraq - one of which took place deep inside the Cabinet Office - have had their cases dropped (see PN2458)

By Kat Barton

On Wednesday 2 February, a pirate ship set sail from the south coast of England, docking three days later at Carlingford Lough in Ireland.