Ahoy there! Peace Pirates dock in Ireland

IssueMarch 2005
News by Kat Barton

On Wednesday 2 February, a pirate ship set sail from the south coast of England, docking three days later at Carlingford Lough in Ireland. But this wasn't just any pirate ship, it was the Enterprise - an ex Royal Navy minesweeper - converted by volunteers into a force for good by the Southampton-based charity Pirates For Peace.

The aim of the Pirates For Peace project is to foster cooperation and opportunity for the young people of Ireland, north and south, through the medium of music. It was set up in 1998 and after more than six years of hard work, the Enterprise is now fully equipped with a studio, radio broadcasting equipment and musical instruments.

With cabins and living quarters to accommodate up to 20 youngsters, the organisers hope to be able to contribute towards a culture of understanding and tolerance in the region.

Visitors to the Enterprise will have the opportunity to broadcast their own radio programmes three hours a day, five days a week on “Quay Kids FM”, a kids community radio station specially set up for the Pirates.

Programmes will range from sports, phone-ins, local news, film and book reviews to music, story telling and drama. Programmes will be transmitted by the growing medium of internet radio, enabling the kids to communicate with their peers worldwide.

With more projects in the pipeline - the next boat will sail to the Gaza Strip - the Pirates For Peace project is in urgent need of both money and volunteers. They will be holding regular

”Buccaneers' Breakfasts” where potential donors can visit the Enterprise. Volunteers are welcome to get involved.