Cabinet Office case dropped

IssueMarch 2005
News by Giulia Gigliotti

The four anti-war activists who last November staged a series of die-ins to highlight the slaughter in Iraq - one of which took place deep inside the Cabinet Office - have had their cases dropped (see PN2458)

The four had been bailed to return to West End Central police station on 2 February for “questioning”. When first arrested, they were never interviewed in spite of being held in police custody for 24 hours, during which time they were strip-searched, had all their clothes seized, their houses searched and their computers and personal note-books taken away.

On 2 February they were told by the police that the Cabinet Office had decided not to prosecute. After much signing and other assorted time-wasting activities, they were finally reunited with their clothes, computers, mobiles and other sundry items.

None of the clothes had been removed from the bags they were put in the day the four were arrested, although the reason they were taken in the first place was (allegedly) to assess whether there were grounds for prosecution.

The four are understood to be considering a counter-claim against the Metropolitan Police.

Topics: Anti-war action