Comments in issue 2661

More success for Palestine Action

by David Polden

Dissident Israelis held on remand for one month

Unfreeze Afghanistan

by PN staff

19 million Afghans face starvation due to Western theft of country's reserves

UK presses on with Rwanda deportation scheme

by David Polden

Protests and legal challenge to take place on 5 September

Assange faces extradition

by David Polden

Human chain action in London planned for 8 October

JSO guerrilla campaign

by David Polden

Gallery protests demand end to new oil extraction 

Get well, Clifford!


Send a card to the anarchist illustrator

General strike?

by Milan Rai

RMT leader calls for general strike if new PM pursues anti-union plans

Police deny heart medication to activist

by PN staff

10-day camp records 'opposition to UK threats of nuclear mass destruction’

TPNW Day of Action

by David Polden

Anti-nuke demos in London, Berlin, Paris and Coulport

Latest DSEI Ziegler acquittals

by PN staff

Nine walk free after anti-arms fair protest