Features in issue 2658

Sowing seeds for the future

by Andrew Rigby

A new book explores the potential of constructive nonviolent action 

A Great Homes Upgrade

by Gabriel Carlyle

Can community organising force the government to insulate the UK’s leaky homes?

Britain’s Nine-Dash hypocrisy

by Milan Rai

What happens if we apply a single standard to international behaviour?


The United Kingdom of... Mull

by Milan Rai

Looking at China-Taiwan from a different angle

Delighted solidarity

by Chris Cole, Andrea Needham, Angie Zelter, Chris Bluemel, Henrietta Cullinan, Daniel Woodhouse

Some other acquitted activists respond to the historic Colston Four verdict

How the Colston Four verdict is rooted in the law

by PN staff

PN surveys the legal defences employed by the Colston Four

Pilgrims for  climate justice

by Jonathan Baxter

Jonathan Baxter shares his reflections from a long walk to COP26

How the world appears to China

by PN staff

A revealing map of the world