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Not one stone, not one flower

Wales-based peace activist and Nobel peace prize nominee Angie Zelter is among those who have been arrested in ongoing protests against the building of a new naval base on Jeju Island in South Korea.



A festival of events is to be held in Wales from 11-28 April to highlight the case of Bradley Manning and the issues it raises.


A dragon on the new frontline

From Hinkley Point in Somerset to Wylfa in the far north of Wales, the campaign against a new generation of nuclear power stations is heating up day-by-day.


Celebrating Richard Henry

Visionary 19th century peace activist remembered


Cwtch Community Centre evicted - down but not out

"No reason for the story to end here" say activists.


Plaid Cymru leadership contest: good for Wood

Is Plaid Cymru about to elect "the Caroline Lucas of Wales" as its leader?


UK at the heart of EU! Selling out renewable energy

Jill Evans MEP questions the EU's support for nuclear power


An Uncut Christmas Carol

Welsh activists subvert seasonal songs


Where next for the red poppy?

The amazing turnabout in fortunes which marketing has brought to the Royal British Legion’s red poppy campaign is just the beginning for the nation’s most revered bloom, thinks Welsh entrepreneur Oliver Cyboli.


Covanta withdraws from “monster incinerator” scheme