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Red Dragon Newsround

News from Wales.


Carbon Cycle 2011

Welsh activists take action on transport.


Commemorating the Gleision miners

In the wake of the recent flood deaths, Kelvin Mason ponders the future of coal mining - and coal miners - in Wales.


Epynt pilgrimage against drones

Military training protested on "Armed Forces Day".


The times must be a-changing: “No” to dirty coal

Hywel Davies casts a skeptical eye over plans to revive coal mining in Wales.


Love for Labour lost

Following the 1999 assembly and council elections, Dafydd Wigley said a “political earthquake” had struck Wales. In 2008, a suitable geographical metaphor is more elusive.

Climate Camp Cymru

Something is stirring on the hillsides and in the valleys. The whisper of Climate Camp Cymru 2009 is becoming a buzz.

Revived by Climate Camp

Before I am tempted to say I am just tired; activist-burn-out would be the technical term.

Building a strong movement

The Wales Peace Festival takes place in Bangor over the weekend of 18-19 October.

So whose democracy was it anyway?

Greg Muttitt’s presentation about the politics of Iraqi oil at the Peace Festival produced both righteous anger and inspiration.