Wales acts up

IssueMarch 2011
News by Kelvin Mason
  • An All-Wales Palestine Network has been set up following a meeting with Jill Evans, MEP. It is thought that an all-Wales group can provide more “clout” than local groups. The purpose of this Network is action. No meetings, no chat, no structure. Concerted action only. Contact Pippa Bartolotti

  • CND Cymru is working flat out on making the links between public spending cuts and the atrocity of a Trident replacement that is going ahead without any debate and at huge expense. CND Cymru “Cut Trident” leaflets can be downloaded from www.cndcymru.orgor contact us for copies.
  • Cymdeithas y Cymod (the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Wales) welcome Chris Cole of the peace initiative, Figtree, to North Wales in February. Chris, who has just spent time in prison for painting slogans at an arms fair, leads two evenings of discussion about unmanned aerial vehicles and other weapons. What was once the stuff of science fiction - remote controlled drones dropping bombs onto targets thousands of miles away - is now taking place on an almost daily basis. Indeed it seems to have become the preferred method of attack by US and British forces. However one aspect of warfare has not changed. According to the Washington-based think-tank, The Brooking Institution, for every “militant” killed in a drone strike at least 10 civilians also die. As war is being prepared above our heads and on land so close to us, how should we respond?

  • Cynefin y Werin is holding a campaigning meeting: “Wales and the Aerospace industry – the threat within” in the Morlan Centre, Aberystwyth, on Sunday 6 March from 1pm. Parc Aberporth is used to test UAVs (drones) for military applications. Contact:

  • Inspired by UK Uncut’s “Big Society Bail-In”, activists in Aberystwyth visited Barclays Bank on 17 February, creating a tax haven. The action involved – courageously! – “beachwear, Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, deckchairs, sand(!), banners, music, and leafleting.” UK Uncut seek to highlight the government’s failure to tax corporations and banks.

  • Poor beleaguered Merthyr Tydfil is once again threatened by an outrageous planning application. In recent years the town has suffered the massive Trecatti landfill site, within striking distance of densely populated Dowlais, and the infamous Ffos-y-Frân opencast coal mine, which causes noise, dust, and air pollution. Now it is an incinerator, and a gargantuan one at that. With a throughput of 750,000 tonnes per annum, this will be one of the largest incinerators in the country, processing all the residual waste from Wales, and beyond. The planning application for the incinerator is opposed by local residents and Friends of the Earth Wales. More info: and

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