We will rise!

IssueMay 2011
News by Paula Boulton , Dr Vole, Zayeet


We will rise, we will rise
We will not accept those politicians’ lies
So come on get out and fight, unite against the right
We will rise, we will rise!

“Cut it all”, cries Cameron; “cut them off”, cries Clegg
“If you lose your livelihood, well, just go out and beg!
One and all must share the pain, ’cause we have done the sums
We’re all in this together - oh, but not our banker chums!”

The government goes on about this Big Society
It’s just a way for them to drop responsibility
Kick the poor off benefits, chuck social tenants out
Privatising everything is what it’s all about

The students and the workers march in solidarity
No messing with our NHS and no tuition fee
Public sector services are everybody’s right
And trying to sell our forests - that was just an act of spite!

Disabled people won’t sit by while social justice dies
We challenge all those “useless eaters”, “scrounging cripples” lies
We’re working if we can, and if we can’t, we need support
The world is not accessible and that is not our fault!

We want a million climate jobs at this eleventh hour
Let’s have a Green New Deal and challenge corporations’ power
True power comes from wind and waves and marching till we win
Nudge the Con-Dems where it hurts and put them in a spin

So come on women, workers, claimants, speak up one and all
We’re telling Thatcher’s groupies that their empire’s going to fall
And though we may be kettled by police brutality
We’ll show them there is such a thing as Real Society!

And we will rise, we will rise…

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