Features in issue 2556

Poetic resistance

by Sam Berkson

Western Sahara’s word weapons

The dawn of the modern mind

by Gabrielle Lewry

A shamanic practitioner reviews the British Museum’s Ice Age Art exhibition

Turning the Tide

by Steve Whiting, Denise Drake

British trainers were invited by Kenyan Quakers  to share skills for social struggles against injustice

Nonviolence. Yes, it is working in Kenya

by Benard L Agona, Laura Shipler Chico

African activists work to prevent election violence and make social change

Fallujah, city of martyrs

by Milan Rai

Where the Iraqi insurgency began, 10 years ago

Fourth estate agents

by Ian Sinclair

Progressive activists have often had a difficult relationship  with the mainstream media. Ian Sinclair discussed the advantages  and pitfalls of working with and in the mainstream with five activists

Turkey’s Kurds hope for peace

by Emily Johns, Milan Rai

One of Europe’s longest-running wars may be coming to an end, in large part due to a grassroots nonviolent intervention.