Comments in issue 2556

Scotland says: Scrap Trident!

by Leonna O'Neill

Last week a public poll found that four out of five Scots want to see the Trident nuclear weapons system removed from Scotland. It is hardly surprising that support for the Scrap Trident weekend of protest and action on 13-15 April is mounting at a phenomenal rate.

Knitting, droning, uniting the world in song...

by Kelvin Mason

Things are bubbling under in Wales this month, all set to boil over in a series of events and actions that keep the heat on the military-industrial complex and a complicit state.

Four years on, a G20 victory

by PN staff

A persistent G20 protester has won compensation for a police assault in London in April 2009.

EDF, police and Shell back off

by PN staff

Activists have been celebrating a brace of victories, from Nottinghamshire to the Arctic.

Drone terrorism

by Gabriel Carlyle

Britain supports US strikes and prepares its own killer drone base in Lincolnshire