Features in issue 2555

Picturing politics

by Alan Ingram

Learning from artists’ responses to the Iraq war, a decade on

Two weeks with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

by Susan Clarkson

A member of the first Voices for Creative Vonviolence UK delegation to Afghanistan on the APV's vision for a peace Afghanistan

Unarmed Iran

by Milan Rai

Part two

The life-giver


Our two Peace News editors visited Iran last month as part of a US-UK peace delegation. They bring back conversations and observations. Part one.

Grim anniversary for the Islamic Republic

by Linda Heiden

Linda Heiden surveys opposition forces in Iran

Iraq: the biggest lie

by Milan Rai

The US and Britain restored fascists to power in postwar Iraq.

Drifting to war?

by Emily Johns, Milan Rai

Iran nuclear negotiations offer short ‘window of opportunity’