Features in issue 2555

Picturing politics

by Alan Ingram

Learning from artists’ responses to the Iraq war, a decade on

Two weeks with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

by Susan Clarkson

A member of the first Voices for Creative Vonviolence UK delegation to Afghanistan on the APV's vision for a peace Afghanistan

Unarmed Iran

by Milan Rai

Part two

The life-giver


Our two Peace News editors visited Iran last month as part of a US-UK peace delegation. They bring back conversations and observations. Part one.

Grim anniversary for the Islamic Republic

by Linda Heiden

Linda Heiden surveys opposition forces in Iran

Iraq: the biggest lie

by Milan Rai

The US and Britain restored fascists to power in postwar Iraq.

Drifting to war?

by Emily Johns , Milan Rai

Iran nuclear negotiations offer short ‘window of opportunity’