Pay back

News in Brief by PN

A third of people in Britain are currently boycotting the products or sevices of a company because it does not pay its fair share of tax in the UK, according to a new Christian Aid survey.

Two out of three Britons believe tax avoidance is morally wrong, and 80% say that multinationals’ tax avoidance makes them feel angry.

A massive 89% of those questioned said it is unfair that they have to pay their taxes when multinationals can avoid doing so, and 85% said it is currently too easy for multinational companies to avoid tax.

Almost two-thirds of people think that strong action on tax avoidance and evasion at the G8 could help lift millions of people out of poverty around the world.

Christian Aid estimates that at present, multinationals’ tax dodging costs poor countries $160bn every year, far more than they receive in aid.