Tuesday 23 May: STOP PRESS ...

IssueJune 2006
Feature by PN staff

Just before 3am on Tuesday 23 May, around 50 police swooped on Brian Haw and his supporters in Parliament Square. Their instructions were to remove most of the anti-war display.

They brought a lorry and freight container, and unceremoniously dumped placards, cuttings, models, religious items and donated artworks, in a crammed heap into it.
    Two supporters climbed on top of the container and held up the police until they were overpowered during the morning rush hour. As well as the placards, police confiscated many private possessions and some bedding of protesters who were staying over at the square for the night. Barbara Tucker was arrested for alleged “breach of the peace” while trying to stop police from damaging a valuable artwork donated by Banksy. Maria Gallestegui and Martin, the two climbers, were arrested and held at Charing Cross.
    The action took place despite ongoing negotiations between Brian's solicitors and the Metropolitan Police over conditions applying to his protest.
    Brian vowed to carry on his vigil, saying he will challenge the infringements of his human rights in court.