Welcome to Peace News, the newspaper for the UK grassroots peace and justice movement. We seek to oppose all forms of violence, and to create positive change based on cooperation and responsibility. See more

"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Timeline of resistance

A brief chronology of the key moments in the history of Peace News

  • 1935, autumn: Humphrey Moore brings together group in Wood Green, north London, to plan pacifist paper
  • 1936, 22 May: Peace Pledge Union, launched in 1934, becomes formal organisation
  • 1936: Peace News publishing office set up at 59 Waterfall Road, London N11
  • 1936, 6 June: Peace News Group publishes first issue of Weekly Newspaper serving all who work for Peace
  • 1936, 25 July: PN adopted as paper of the PPU
  • 1937: Peace News becomes limited company within PPU
  • 1938, Jan: PN office moves to 17 Featherstone Buildings, London WC1
  • 1938, Nov: PN office moves to 3 Blackstock Road, London N4
  • 1940, May: Eric Gill hand-sets two issues because printers are afraid of prosecution for subversion
  • 1943: PN takes over publication of PPU literature: pamphlets regularly produced
  • 1950: PN subtitled International Pacifist Weekly
  • 1953: PN sales office opens in New York
  • 1954: Airmail edition begun for US market
  • 1958: PN gives office space to Direct Action Committee against Nuclear War
  • 1959: PN moves into 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, along with Housmans Bookshop
  • 1961: PN (and Housmans) separate from PPU
  • 1963: Finsbury Park Typesetters set up specially for PN
  • 1971: Peace News Trustees is set up as parent body for PN and Housmans Bookshop
  • 1974: PN goes fortnightly, in magazine format, and moves to 8 Elm Avenue, Nottingham
  • 1974: Finsbury Park Typesetters cease typesetting for PN
  • 1974: PN ?scoops? Col Stirling?s private army: next year awarded flong by Granada TV
  • 1975: PN features largely in trial of BWNIC 14 at Old Bailey
  • 1977: PN publishes real name of ?Colonel B?, anonymous witness in Official Secrets trial of ABC 3
  • 1978: PN found guilty of contempt of court by Lord Chief Justice, but finding overturned by House of Lords
  • 1988: PN reverts to newspaper format
  • 1990: PN becomes monthly paper of War Resisters? International, at 55 Dawes Street, London SE17
  • 1994: PN moves, with WRI, back to 5 Caledonian Road
  • 1995: PN reports on COPEX libel actions against Campaign Against Arms Trade and National Peace Council and is promptly sued itself
  • 1996: High Court strikes out COPEX libel action against PN
  • 1999: PN changes format to theme-based in-depth quarterly magazine
  • 2005: PN separates from WRI and reverts again to a monthly newspaper