Timeline of resistance

IssueJune 2006

A brief chronology of the key moments in the history of Peace News

  • 1935, autumn: Humphrey Moore brings together group in Wood Green, north London, to plan pacifist paper
  • 1936, 22 May: Peace Pledge Union, launched in 1934, becomes formal organisation
  • 1936: Peace News publishing office set up at 59 Waterfall Road, London N11
  • 1936, 6 June: Peace News Group publishes first issue of Weekly Newspaper serving all who work for Peace
  • 1936, 25 July: PN adopted as paper of the PPU
  • 1937: Peace News becomes limited company within PPU
  • 1938, Jan: PN office moves to 17 Featherstone Buildings, London WC1
  • 1938, Nov: PN office moves to 3 Blackstock Road, London N4
  • 1940, May: Eric Gill hand-sets two issues because printers are afraid of prosecution for subversion
  • 1943: PN takes over publication of PPU literature: pamphlets regularly produced
  • 1950: PN subtitled International Pacifist Weekly
  • 1953: PN sales office opens in New York
  • 1954: Airmail edition begun for US market
  • 1958: PN gives office space to Direct Action Committee against Nuclear War
  • 1959: PN moves into 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, along with Housmans Bookshop
  • 1961: PN (and Housmans) separate from PPU
  • 1963: Finsbury Park Typesetters set up specially for PN
  • 1971: Peace News Trustees is set up as parent body for PN and Housmans Bookshop
  • 1974: PN goes fortnightly, in magazine format, and moves to 8 Elm Avenue, Nottingham
  • 1974: Finsbury Park Typesetters cease typesetting for PN
  • 1974: PN ?scoops? Col Stirling?s private army: next year awarded flong by Granada TV
  • 1975: PN features largely in trial of BWNIC 14 at Old Bailey
  • 1977: PN publishes real name of ?Colonel B?, anonymous witness in Official Secrets trial of ABC 3
  • 1978: PN found guilty of contempt of court by Lord Chief Justice, but finding overturned by House of Lords
  • 1988: PN reverts to newspaper format
  • 1990: PN becomes monthly paper of War Resisters? International, at 55 Dawes Street, London SE17
  • 1994: PN moves, with WRI, back to 5 Caledonian Road
  • 1995: PN reports on COPEX libel actions against Campaign Against Arms Trade and National Peace Council and is promptly sued itself
  • 1996: High Court strikes out COPEX libel action against PN
  • 1999: PN changes format to theme-based in-depth quarterly magazine
  • 2005: PN separates from WRI and reverts again to a monthly newspaper