Comments in issue 2474

Dale Farm: Neo-nazi vote deepens threat

by Graham Puxon

The past twelve months have seen Travellers turfed off their own land, and their homes destroyed, by zealous bailiffs. Against a backdrop of local hostility and gains for the BNP in last month's local elections, Grattan Puxon reflects on the impact of the rise of the right on his community.

An exercise in non-sequiturs

by Liz Norman

It's been a rough few weeks for the Home Office. The furore over foreign criminals, followed by a row over the monitoring of newly released criminals on probation, a defeat over abuse of power in the Afghan hijackers case, and then, to cap it all, an ill judged remark over the number of illegal immigrants in Britain sparks a spat over immigration. Liz Norman reflects on how this catalogue of woes is being used to reinforce the ID card debate.