Features in issue 2474

Gollum and the ring of power

by Howard Clark

Blair's nuclear madness - is he cracking up or melting down? - prompts Howard Clark to look back to the 1970s anti-nuclear movement and the role PN played in supporting it.

A commitment to its core values

by Bill Hetherington

This June Peace News has been publishing for seventy years. To mark this historic occasion, Bill Hetherington takes a trip down memory lane.

"When there's a community that stands up for itself..."

by Wilson David

Wilson David, who visited London in May, is a member of the Council of the Peace Community of San Jose' de Apartado', in Uraba, Colombia. Founded by displaced people, the Community itself was displaced last year when the government installed a police post inside Community grounds - against the Community's wishes and its internal rules that prohibit the carrying of weapons or cooperation with any armed actor.