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Issue 2473 | May 2006

Socks up, heads out of the sand!

Are you feeling the shadow of climate chaos breathing a little closer this spring? Even the government's own chief scientist has agreed it is the biggest challenge we face.

Speaking "truth to power"

This year the annual 4 July demonstration was on a Monday, it was pouring with rain, and lots of people were at the G8.

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Time for more company capers

It's spring - and a young activist's thoughts naturally turn towards... company AGMs.

Ireland marks Easter Rising with parades and protests

On 16 April, tens of thousands of people marked the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising against British rule at a massive parade in Dublin.

Green-fingered non-protesters hit Sweden

Those pesky horticultural pioneers were at it again when they visited the Ericsson Microwave arms factory in Mo”lndal, near Gothenburg in Sweden, on 14 April.

Hit the road, Bob

At April's blockade, in addition to the regular presence at the construction traffic's main entrance to AWE Aldermaston, Block the Builders decided to deploy their “away team” on a visit to

Military families to descend on parliament

As Peace News goes to press, Military Families Against the War (MFAW) are preparing to descend on parliament to lobby their MPs.

Vanunu supporters ride into town

Between 7 and 21 April, cyclists rode from Faslane to London to protest at the continued persecution of nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu by the Israeli government.

Eden, take two

A Greenpeace-commissioned satellite map of the world released on 13 April has shown that only 10% of the world is covered by intact forest, at the same time the most valuable of these fores

Gathering fuel for the fires of war

Warfare has dramatically impacted forests throughout history. Between 2000 and 1200 BC, the ancient Assyrians burned woodlands as a military tactic, as did the Greek and Roman armies.

Anyone for cricket? The St George's weekend SOCPA challenge

Every Sunday afternoon, campaigners stage an open picnic on Parliament Square to plan ideas to subvert or test the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (section 132).

Rainforests, soya beans, chickens, two Greenpeaces and repentance?

The Mole is fascinated by some of the strange cults found above ground.

Worth the paper they're written on?

The UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights (www.un.org/right) was read daily at a “War & Peace” exhibition in the Friends' Meeting House in Nailsworth, Glos, during the last week of

One more fig leaf for the state

In last month's issue of Peace News (PN2472) Eddy Canfor-Dumas made the case for a Ministry for Peace as part of the government.

Love your enemy - everyone can change: David Cameron

Well we've all heard that slogan by now haven't we? Something about blue green algae? Pond slime?