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Issue 2508 | April 2009

Obama escalates two wars

US president Barack Obama came to power promising both to talk to his enemies and to “finish the job” in Afghanistan (a phrase he used while visiting Kabul in July 2008).

Picture this

On every demonstration we are subject to being photographed by the police – presumably to add to the vast database the government holds on us – on a level constituting harassment.

These boots are made for ...

The Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at then-US president George W. Bush in December was sentenced to three years in prison on 12 March.

Don't stop me now

Last month, a Qatari ex-Guantanamo prisoner, a Palestinian human rights leader, a Lebanese newspaper editor and a British MP were all prevented from entering other countries.

Gaza: We must act now

Part of a delegation from the European Parliament sent to report on the humanitarian situation in Gaza following 22 days of Israeli bombing, I prepared myself for the worst but the reality

Peace Institute a step closer

On Saturday 14 March, I woke early and was up and about with an uncharacteristic spring in my step. I can hardly remember such a joyful start to a day.

Workers’ control in Dundee

 “We were not militant people – just little people who refused to be little anymore. We stood up for what we believe in and we are all proud of that.” David Taylor, workers occupation, Dundee


Anti-Militarist Gathering

Following the inaugaral gathering last November , a second, smaller, Anti-Militarist gathering was hosted in Edinburgh on 1 March.

Quartet catch-up

More news on the disruption of the Israeli Jerusalem Quartet’s concert at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival (see PN 2502).

Surviving Gaza

In the wake of so much loss, grief and destruction, it is sometimes difficult to imagine how Gaza will ever recover.

We need a climate revolution

Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), remarked of US president Barack Obama on 11 March: “He is not going to say by 2020 I’m going to reduce emis

Has Obama unclenched his fist?

As PN went to press, Iran was digesting US president Barack Obama’s surprise New Year (Nowruz) message to the Iranian people.

In other news...

Obama’s Guantanamo

"Society can only fly with two wings: women and men"

Short, wispy silver hair surrounds her freckled and slightly worn face.

Weapons of the Spirit

From the first, the Quakers have taken a clear stand for peace and against military action.

Afghan women rise

In 2008, a small group of women in Kandahar, Afghanistan, decided to gather in a public square to pray for peace with justice in Afghanistan on International Women's Day.

Unarmed Forces Day

Peace News invites local and national peace groups in Wales, Scotland and England to join us in celebrating “Unarmed Forces Day” on 27 June, when the Ministry of Defence intends to celebra

The World is a Beautiful Place

My last column was in praise of our dear departed peace poet and friend, Adrian Mitchell.


My friend Reuben popped round for a chat. It was late afternoon and I was in bed ill with the longest cold I’ve ever had.

Campaign Profile: Climate Rush

Climate Rush is a new campaign inspired by the actions of the Suffragettes 100 years ago, who showed that peaceful civil disobedience could inspire positive change.