Anti-Militarist Gathering

IssueApril 2009
News by Joseph Ritchie

Following the inaugaral gathering last November , a second, smaller, Anti-Militarist gathering was hosted in Edinburgh on 1 March. By and large, we wanted to make sure that anti-militarist activists in Scotland were doing all they could to build up to NATO Parliamentary Assembly taking place in Edinburgh in November and the Brighton Anti-Militarist Gathering in May.

The main decision was that the network would issue a call-out for a UK “Day of Action” against the NATO summit in Strasbourg taking place from 3-6 April. While some activists were planning to go to Strasbourg to participate in demonstrations directly, a Day of Action would give others an opportunity to take direct action in relation to NATO and spread the word about the network and future events.

More information is available on the website and those planning actions are encouraged to publicise them there.

It was also decided that further outreach should be done within Scotland. As such, we are currently organising for a large and public event in Glasgow that will both explain the politics of the Anti-Militarist Network and get more people involved. The provisional date is 19 April, and those that would like to get involved should get in contact.

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