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DSEi – Lifeblood of the arms trade

After DESi: What next?

Regardless of the outcome of our protests at this year's DSEi, we want to make sure that the arms fair doesn't come back to London in 2007. The DSEi organisers have booked themselves into the ExCel Centre biennially until 2011. Moreover, Reed Elsevier, the company responsible for organising DSEi, currently organises seven other arms fairs around the world - in Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, the Netherlands and the UK.

What can be done? We must continue to pressure Reed Elsevier to give up organising arms fairs, which represent only a tiny percentage of their business yet have such a disastrous effect on people all over the world. Write to Jan Hommen (Chairman), Reed Elsevier PLC, 1- 3 Strand, London WC2N 5JR. To find out more about the Reed Elsevier campaign please see www.armsfairs.com or contact CAAT for leaflets and postcards.

We must also continue to campaign for an end to the government-arms industry collusion that makes DSEi arms fair possible. It comes as no surprise that the UK government's marketing organisation DESO subsidises and supports such arms fairs when you consider the immense influence that arms companies wield within government. If we want to stop future DSEi arms fairs, we need to sever the numerous links that exist between the government and the arms industry. This includes closing DESO. Join CAAT's campaign to stop arms companies calling the shots. Check out www.calltheshots.org for more info or contact CAAT for a free campaign pack.

For more information, or to sign up to receive CAAT's bi-monthly magazine CAATnews, contact CAAT on 020 7281 0297 or enquiries@caat.org.uk, quoting Peace News.

Anna and Beccie work at CAAT.

Topics: Arms trade