Features in issue 2672

PN's future: join the conversation!

by PN staff

An invitation to submit your ideas

Heddwch ar Waith

by Sam Bannon

Creating an ambitious new peace network

Demilitarising France

by Marc Morgan, Alain Refalo

An interview with a leading figure in the French peace movement

The EU gets even more bellicose

by Rob Fairmichael

A view from the island of Ireland

What to do? The 2024 general election

by PN staff

Responses from different parts of the activist movements

Lord Walney’s anti-democratic threats

by Milan Rai

More threats to squash protest – from a former Labour MP

From a Gaza encampment

by PN, Anonymous

Pro-Palestine activists in Scotland have taken a stand outside Holyrood

Arms factories now ‘prohibited places’

by Netpol

The government is trying to intimidate anti-militarists into ending their campaigns

Sarah Guthrie: A PN retrospective

by SEG

A tribute to PN's late cartoonist, Sarah Guthrie