News in Brief

Thank you (in Korean) to everyone who contributed to the fundraiser for the eight South Korean peace activists from World Without War who were told they will be fined $15,000 for protesting inside the DX arms fair near Seoul in September 2022. (PN 2667)

We have heard from Jungmin that the DX Eight did raise the $15,000. PN transferred over £1,000 from the UK (finance worker Gabriel Carlyle spent 44 minutes on the phone to authorise a transfer in Korean won).

After a hearing on 18 August, the trial of the DX Eight is scheduled for one hour (!) on 13 October.

The Eight plan not to pay the fine right away, and go to jail for a few days, to ‘mock the authorities and show the courage and determination of the activists taking part in the action’.

More info (in Korean):