Occupier and occupier

News in Brief

In mid-July, Israel recognised Morocco’s claim to Western Sahara (illegally-occupied since 1975). In return, Morocco has invited Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit the Moroccan capital, Rabat.

The two countries have become closer after Morocco signed up to the US-sponsored ‘Abraham Accords’ in December 2020, promising to normalise relations with Israel.

This was in return for US president Donald Trump’s recognition of Western Sahara as part of Morocco, a policy that has not been reversed by Trump’s successor, Joe Biden.

  • Morocco has also bought at least 150 surveillance and reconnaissance drones from Israel to guide Turkish killer drones to attack Sahrawi fighters.
  • Israeli arms company Elbit Systems announced in June it will be opening two arms factories in Morocco – possibly to manufacture ‘kamikaze drones’ (see PN 2666).
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