Features in issue 2667

Even Churchill thought Hiroshima was unnecessary

by Milan Rai

Churchill believed there were two non-atomic ways of bringing about a Japanese surrender

Ocean Rebellion

by PN

Protesting the International Maritime Organisation's climate conference

Ukraine sunflower

by Peter Phillips

A poem by Peter Phillips

Putting your life on the line: Harold Steele

by PN

A forgotten story of global solidarity, the birth of the Direct Action Committee and the inspiration for the first environmental direct action boat, the Golden Rule  

Stopping arms sales, winning CO status

by Milan Rai, Choi Jungmin

A leading South Korean peace activist sets out some of World Without War’s successes – and the value of international peace gatherings 

Barbara Deming

by Money for Women

A brief account of the life of an inspiring nonviolent revolutionary

Propaganda, not history

by Milan Rai

Milan Rai reviews Serhii Plokhy's book The Russo-Ukrainian War

The Bomb defends ‘vital interests’ in the Global South

by Milan Rai

Join PN in shining a light on shocking UK policies

Vicious in Vilnius

by PN

Reactions from two major peace groups to the NATO summit