Comments in issue 2667

Claire is leaving!

by PN

PN wishes a fond farewell to its current admin worker

Censoring peace

by PN

Call for Global Week of Action for peace in Ukraine

Climate action

by PN

Legal challenges, trials and 2,350 arrests

Assange – one more try

by PN

High court judge rejects whistleblower's appeal

A win in Montenegro!

by David Swanson

US military prevented from destroying mountains

Four more Palestine Action prisoners

by David Polden

Campaigners block sewage pipes at arms factory

More Conservative attacks on the right to protest

by PN

Tories making 'law by the back door’

Anti-BDS law

by David Polden

Labour abstains on bill targeting campaign against Israeli apartheid

Spycops ops shopped

by David Polden

Spying on campaigners 'unjustified' says official inquiry

Yemen: mixed news

by PN

British-backed war continues as aid programmes forced to close for lack of funding