Features in issue 2650 - 2651 (1)

Me and White Supremacy – a reflection

by Emily Johns

A PN staffer struggles with an anti-racist book

Can we stop saying ‘white privilege’ so often?

by Betsy Leondar-Wright

Middle-class activists often don’t see that their version of anti-racism can be classist

Wanted: a healthy anti-racist white identity

by Shelley Tochluk

If you don’t want white nationalists to recruit clueless young white people, you need to create a movement that welcomes clueless young white people

Racial justice work with heart, not a hammer

by Shelley Tochluk, Christine Saxman

Two white anti-racist educators argue for a different approach to working with white folk 

The Romans weren’t all white

by Milan Rai

The Roman empire - Britain included - was culturally and ethnically diverse

A note for white readers

by Milan Rai

This issue aims to provide information that may help lead to further exploration and learning and action, writes Milan Rai

A note for readers of colour

by Milan Rai

This issue isn't just for white people, says Milan Rai