Features in issue 2622 - 2623



A walk exploring the history of Haringey’s First World War conscientious objectors

'Long live peace!'

by Gabriel Carlyle

The unknown history of the German Revolution, 1918 - 1919

Working inside the Catholic church to revitalise the tools of nonviolence

by Pat Gaffney

In 2016, 80 Catholics from 35 countries gathered in Rome to discuss peace & nonviolence. Pat Gaffney explains what happened next.

The power of nonviolence

by Pat Gaffney

Faith-based campaigners from around the world share stories of effective action

Lift the Hunger Blockade!

by Gabriel Carlyle

Suffragists and soldiers joined the resistance to the continued starving of Germany following WW1

Richard Muller and the Revolutionary Shop Stewards

by Emily Johns, Gabriel Carlyle

A special PN poster to celebrate Germany's WW1 anti-war movement