Comments in issue 2588-2589

Time for climate direct action

by Milan Rai

We can only win climate justice by breaking the rules

Editorial: Undermining national security

by Milan Rai

Why British foreign policy endangers us all.

After the massacres of Paris: dread, revolt, action

by Attac

Three French campaign groups respond to the 13 November atrocities in Paris.

Non-French war deaths matter

by David Swanson

US activist David Swanson urges a return to thinking.

The Personal Column: Jaw jaw not war war

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves reflects on the BBC's little-known motto

Radical Music: Paris & beyond

by Penny Stone

Penny Stone surveys music's role - radical and otherwise - at the Paris climate summit

Diary: (Last) words

by Virginia Moffatt

Hope, despair and reading

Activism and ... Petitions


Is it an effective form of protest?

40 years ago: Expensive production a big flop

by Albert Beale

PN produced an issue devoted to the verdicts and the aftermath of the Old Bailey trial in London of 14 pacifists and anti-militarists including PN staff involved in a campaign to give leaflets to soldiers about leaving the army; the conspiracy charges meant there was no upper limit to the prison sentences they faced.