Comments in issue 2544

Gabriel and Maya go to prison

by PN staff

Two peace activists found guilty in 2009 of highway obstruction during an anti-war protest were jailed in the last month.

‘Putting government above the law’

by David Polden

The right to a fair trial is under attack.

Veterans for peace

by PN staff

New UK group is launched.

Maria challenges PRASRA

by John M Lindsay

On 5 March, Parliament Square protester Maria Gallastegui had her day in court contesting the new restrictions on demonstrating around parliament.

Internationals join Jeju island protests

by John M Lindsay

Demonstrations against new naval base heat up.

Taliban suspends peace talks as US fails to make confidence-building move

by Gabriel Carlyle

Peace New's war news reporter on developments in the 'peace talks' process

Save £84bn: Cut Trident not the NHS

by John M Lindsay

New report finds that the UK would benefit from huge savings if Trident's replacement is cancelled.