Issue: 2532

April 2011


By Emily Johns, Milan Rai


By Gabriel Carlyle

An attempt to discover more about the circumstances of British drone strikes in Afghanistan has been blocked on the grounds that disclosing this information “would prejudice the capability, effectiveness and security of the armed forces in Afghani

Strongest experience of women’s solidarity? God, I probably think of doing stuff in Ireland. I was involved in Women in Ireland for a really long time. It wouldn’t have been about women’s issues, women’s rights.

By Faslane Peace Camp

After several years of the Faslane peace camp maintaining not much more than just a token presence, the campers have decided to start a drive towards bringing it back to life in time for the thirtieth anniversary in June.

By Chris Austin

Anyone heard of the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC)? No, neither had we until recently. It’s a Whitehall quango created to fast-track planning applications for projects “of national importance”. So what?

By Dominique Lalanne

Channel crossing: PN’s bimonthly look at the European peace movement

By Brian Larkin

Why does CND advocate military spending?

By Emily Johns, Milan Rai

As we go to press, the British government’s systematic, sustained and deep-rooted support for repressive Arab regimes is being exposed by the wave of grassroots pro-democracy movements in the Middle East, and by anti-arms trade campaigners at home

This topic of having to define yourself is something that’s not just worth exploring but something necessary for us to explore.

By Milan Rai

Are war and violence the same thing? What about “human nature”? How do we achieve a war-free society?

By Jeff Cloves

A bit of autobiography. Bear with me, there’s reason.

By Milan Rai, Emily Johns

As Peace News goes to press, Britain is once again bombing a Middle Eastern dictatorship that it previously helped to arm.

By Gill Knight

Gill Knight reports from solidarity work in Palestine

By Milan Rai

We should be honest with ourselves. The anti-cuts movement is a broad movement, overwhelmingly liberal with a revolutionary fringe. Peace News, as the “for nonviolent revolution” tagline suggests, sits at the radical end of things.

By Anonymous

On 27 February, a week-long Climate Camp gathering at Monkton Wyld decided to wind up the camp as we know it and make way for new forms of engagement

By Sarah Young

I met Karen and Alice at the Heatherington Recreation Club student occupation at Glasgow University.